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Sail & Adventure Ltd

Sail & Adventure Limited is a "not-for-profit" company that was formed by Michael Wood and David Boykett, who brought Alma Doepel from Tasmania to Melbourne for restoration in 1976. Over the years there has been a succession of directors of the company, with the board undergoing a complete change in 2002 and further major restructuring in 2008.

Sail & Adventure Limited owns the Alma Doepel. The directors of the company are all totally volunteer, and receive no remuneration for their efforts. The directors of Sail & Adventure Limited all have common goals. These are:

  1. The continued preservation and restoration of the Alma Doepel.
  2. That the Alma Doepel regains her commercial survey status.
  3. When commercial survey is regained, to put the ship back into operation in Youth Sail Training.
Details of the company are:
  • Registered Office: Shed 2, North Wharf Road, Victoria Harbour, VIC 3008
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 7390, Beaumaris VIC 3193
  • ACN: 005 274 742
  • Phone: 0427 829 134
  • Email: sal (at)
  • Web: